Product Information

Research & Development

Maier USA has a dedicated Research & Development team with decades of experience in both the Plastic Thermoforming and Powersports Industries. While our mold-making methods are a closely-guarded trade secret, our end products speak of the quality craftsmanship that is put into all Maier products from the start.

The Manufacturing Process

Maier's Thermoforming Mahcine #1Maier's thermoforming process offers high quality products with the strength to endure the extreme conditions they encounter. The thermoforming process consists of three primary steps: 1) heating of a thermoplastic sheet, 2) stretching the thermoplastic through vacuum force to conform to a mold's contours, and 3) cooling the formed part until the molecular structure of the plastic is frozen in the desired shape.

Maier's Thermoforming Mahcine #1Once a part has been thermoformed, our CNC Routing Department receives it. Here, we utilize today's newest 3 & 5 axis robotic routers to trim the product and insert mounting holes and louvers. Designed for precision, these advanced computer controlled machines enable us to produce consistent high quality products.

Innovative Solutions in Plastic

Maier's Router #6Maier uses a proprietary thermoplastic olefinic elastomer (TPO), specifically designed for our applications. This high-impact polypropylene alloy delivers a high-gloss finish with strength characteristics capable of enduring extreme weather and temperature conditions. Maier plastics are UV-stablized, resistent to chemicals and avaliable in a wide array of colors and films.

Maier Green InitiativeAs part of the Maier Green initiative, we recycle all scrap materials; no plastic is dumped or sent to land-fill.

The Maier Guarantee

The Maier GuaranteeAt Maier, we stand behind our products by offering an industry exculsive 1-Year limited warranty against breakage.

All thermoformed ATV, UTV and dirt bike products produced by Maier are warrantied against breakage for a period of one year from the date of purchase. Warranty is limited to a one-time replacement of defective part only.

Products other than those thermoformed by Maier do not carry a warranty of any kind, expressed or implied.